Pump Screen

October 13, 2015, 6 - 8 PM
177 Canal Street, New York

MX is pleased to present Pump Screen, a solo performance by Whitney Vangrin. Equal parts physical and psychological, her performances question perceptions of authenticity, while making allusions to film, religion, dance, and structures of the body. 

Vangrin’s performance often combines rigorous physical action amongst sculptural tableaux. In performance, the reality of the performer’s body and emotion is situated in a scene that hinges upon realism and construction. Pre-recorded sound meant to create rhythm and plot is combined with spontaneous movement and noise. Aesthetic choices evoke the image of a solo and pained figure, echoing that which has been depicted within the visual landscapes of ritual, film and popular culture. Her performances create an image while exploring complexities of emotion revealed in the physicality of the face and body.