Miss DeSe Iron Chef

Miss DeSe Iron Chef

Thursday, August 4, 2016, 8 - 11 PM
177 Canal Street, New York

MX is pleased to present in collaboration with DIS Magazine, the premiere screening of Miss DeSe Iron Chef.

"Since her appointment to the position of Royal Tastemaker of the Courts and Culinary Liaison, Dese Escobar has passed more food related legislation than any other person who has held the position before her."

Written by DeSe Escobar with Ada O’Higgins, Solomon Chase, Preston Chaunsmlit, and direction of photography by Chris Vongsawat.


Miss DeSe as Herself
Stewart Uoo as Judge Uoo
Nhu Duong as Judge Duong
David Moses as Judge Moses

Young Gun Lee as Chef Young Gun
Jake Brodsky as Chef Brodsky
Hugo Goodwin as Chef Goodwin

Kyle Luu, Tiffany Luu, K-Rizz as Emcees