November 14 & 15, 2018 - 8PM
167 Canal Street, New York (map)

Slash is a new play written, adapted, directed and performed by Emily Allan and Leah Hennessey. Scavenged from the fandoms of Star Trek, Sherlock, The Beatles, and beyond, Slash guides the audience through an infernal fantasia of perverted intertextuality. The Blond (Allan) and The Dark Haired One (Hennessey) attempt to transcend the banality of identity and the terror of consciousness through cosplay, homoerotic fanfiction, archaic feminisms and song. Incorporating appropriated slash fic from the internet, Shakespeare, transcripts of academic catfighting and cool music, Slash is an erotic Post-Absurd mystery play for the next generation.

Segments of the piece have been performed at MoMA, The Music Inn, PS1, Jack and The Philadelphia Fringe Festival; the play makes its full length debut at MX Gallery.

Allan and Hennessey have previously collaborated on the cult web series Zhe Zhe.

Each show begins promptly at 8pm.

Catwoman and Wonderwoman Slash Camille Paglia and Susan Sontag

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