Three Planes Collective

September 6, 2016, 8 - 10 PM
177 Canal Street, New York

MX is pleased to present two evening performances by dancers Emma Villavecchia, Kaya Lovestrand, and Finn Murphy, choreographed by Isabel López and Elena Demyanenko.

EnConstrucción#3 is part of a longer movement research that takes on different shapes with time. It is born out of an interest in deconstruction and non-linear processes. It is characterized by the fragmentation, distortion, and dislocation of bodies in unpredictable ways.

with a bird walking side by side by passes movement’s obsession with states, through a dis-assemblage of body parts, near misses, and over exposure. This trio, therefore, becomes an idiosyncratic meeting space for dance artists with distinctive behaviors. Their interrelationship is a particular construction that hovers between doing and waiting, listening and responding, as it finds its groove in the oscillation between social flow and individual action

Three Planes is a collective of three freelance dancers (Kaya Lovestrand, Emma Villavecchia, and Finn Murphy) who collaborate with choreographers in the construction of genuine and articulate contemporary dance. They work with choreographers whose artistic voices they consider thoughtful, refined, and lithely powerful. As part of all their projects, they engage dance makers in dialogues that explore novel ways for choreographers and dancers to relate to one another.