Art Cologne

Benjamin Kellogg & Paul Gondry

April 11—14, 2019

Hall 11.2 / Booth B-40
Messeplatz 1, Cologne, Germany (map)

Benjamin Asam Kellogg (b. 1991, New York, NY) Kellogg is a multimedia artist based in New York. his work and research takes on the form of a digital dérive. Diving into loosely charted areas of the internet and surfacing with accumulations of digital imagery, Kellogg merges the artifacts of his research into digital paintings of overlaid vector graphics. While the tools Kellogg employs may be available to any message board conspiracy theorist, there is a great deal of nuance to Kellogg’s work. This is not just located in his treatment of pixelated edges and image quality, but in his ability to make these ultra contemporary images timeless through his understanding of a canonical art historical mode.

Paul Gondry (b. 1991, Paris, France) Gondry’s paintings and videos are set in the decrepit architecture of a fictional future dark age, leveraging the notion of fantasy to describe dark visions of societal collapse. His narratives borrow from European myths and fables as they have been passed down from illuminated manuscripts, Dutch etchings, and retold in contemporary RPG video games. They describe inner worlds of characters who know little more than petulance and decay, save for the meager offering of escapism in magic.