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The Corporate Expo

June 17 - 30, 2015

MX presents EXPO, a collaborative installation of works by James Bayard, Daniel Creahan, Adrien De Mones, Andrew Dubow, Rafael Foster, Paul Gondry, Sean Lynn, Ester Kislin, Benjamin Langford, Young Gun Lee, Tom McFarland, Andy Pomykalski, Alexandra Metcalf, Anna Pierce, Prashast Thapan, Shelby Jackson, Amanda Elle, Parker Reid, and Zack Marshall.

Designed on the model of a corporate fares expo, the exhibition features works of various media that engage the aesthetic and cultural schema characteristic of the ideal-typical “corporation”. Visitors are invited to enter an immersive set showcasing works that together compose an abstracted imaginary of finance capitalism and neoliberalism-- with salient themes including market mediated representations of technological innovation, the progressive economization of “unproductive” behavior (the notion of “human capital”, its relation to biology and cognitive science), and the psychic profile of the so called “entrepreneur of the self”. 

Alexandra Metcalf and Anna Pierce  Sublet, 2016

Alexandra Metcalf and Anna Pierce 

Sublet, 2016

Later Event: July 7