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A New Nootropic Lifestyler: Disease and Decoration

June 30 - July 10, 2016

MX presents A New Nootropic Lifestyler: Disease and Decoration, featuring new work by Hannah Levy, Hardy Hill and Paul Gondry. Curated by Rafael Amadeo Foster. Join us for the exhibition opening on Thursday, June 30, 8pm. The show will be on view through July 10th, by appointment. 

The New lifestyler was essentially a man of good humor, except within his domestic life. On his days off, he wrote stories. Stories written in learned cursive on cheaply bound legal pads.

"Hello, allow me to introduce myself. You're going to have to look down to see me. Keep going, a little to the right—yes, here I am, invisible to the naked human eye, but please direct your attention to me nonetheless. My name is M. gracchus staphylococcus and you've wandered into my domain; I’m a leader here and you are subject to our rules. But don’t be frightened! I’m not too irritated with this intrusion. Stay for a bit and allow me to show you around. All I want in return for my hospitality is a gift. I know that the heirloom and gift is an honored hallmark of the guest-host relationship and I'm very excited to play my part and see you play yours."

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