Expired Attachment

MX Gallery is pleased to present Expired Attachment with artwork by Gretchen Bender, Paul Heyer, and Willard Klein.


Expired Attachment

Gretchen Bender, Paul Heyer, Willard Klein

June 11 - August 5, 2018

MX gallery is pleased to present Expired Attachment, an exhibition examining the corrupted record and the expiration of media, heirlooms, and hand-me-downs.  It is a suggestion that spirits, in the form of physical and digital data, inhabit our things and render our histories.  And that our attempts to live on through our objects and records are not as vain as they are beyond our control.  Just as cells mutate and images fade, our computers will break like our bodies-- but not without leaving a trace.

Gallery hours: Wednesday through Sunday 1-6pm and by appointment.

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