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From Houdini to Snowden: What Magic Can Teach us About Power

October 19th, 7pm

MX GALLERY PRESENTS: Aaron Gach of the Center for Tactical Magic

On the Performance:

A performance presentation with interactive demonstrations including thought-experiments and stage magic effects.

From theatrical tricks and illusions to spiritual rites and rituals, magic represents the performance of arcane knowledge. The Center for Tactical Magic looks closely at the ways in which secrets are embodied in today's society and draws parallels between magic acts and such issues as economic manipulation, political deception, vanishing resources, and social transformation. Moving beyond the symbolic, this interactive presentation highlights real-world examples of magic mixing it up with Power in today's "theater of conflict."

"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government in business." -Tom Robbins

On the Center for Tactical Magic:

Inspired by studies with a private investigator, a magician, and a ninja, the CTM was established as a collaborative authoring framework dedicated to the coalescence of art, magic, and creative tactics for encouraging positive social change. Since 2000, their collaborations have been investigating the ways in which power is performed on a daily basis.

Although the collaborations take many different forms, the CTM is largely the result of creative partnerships with a wide array of individuals and organizations with unique power dynamics including hypnotists, activists, an NSA whistleblower, a founding member of the Black Panthers, journalists, a former bank robber, security experts, a military psychic, labor organizers, nurses, and many others. This commitment to exploring disparate expressions of art and action has since led to the creation of numerous projects that consistently address public space, social politics, and community issues through the lens of magic.



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Three Planes Collective
8:00pm 8:00pm

Three Planes Collective

September 6th, 2016 - 8pm

MX is pleased to host two evening performances by Three Planes Collective. Dancers Emma Villavecchia, Kaya Lovestrand and Finn Murphy will be presenting EnConstrucción#3, choreographed by Isabel López and with a bird walking side by side, by Elena Demyanenko.

Three Planes Collective - Photo by Jonathan Barber

Three Planes Collective - Photo by Jonathan Barber

EnConstrucción#3 is part of a longer movement research that takes on different shapes with time. It is born out of an interest in deconstruction and non-linear processes. It is characterized by the fragmentation, distortion, and dislocation of bodies in unpredictable ways.

with a bird walking side by side bypasses movement’s obsession with states, through a dis-assemblage of body parts, near misses, and over exposure. This trio, therefore, becomes an idiosyncratic meeting space for dance artists with distinctive behaviors. Their interrelationship is a particular construction that hovers between doing and waiting, listening and responding, as it finds its groove in the oscillation between social flow and individual action

Three Planes is a collective of three freelance dancers (Kaya Lovestrand, Emma Villavecchia, and Finn Murphy) who collaborate with choreographers in the construction of genuine and articulate contemporary dance. They work with choreographers whose artistic voices they consider thoughtful, refined, and lithely powerful. As part of all their projects, they engage dance makers in dialogues that explore novel ways for choreographers and dancers to relate to one another.

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9:00pm 9:00pm

Miss DeSe Iron Chef

August 4, 2016 - 9pm

MX presents in collaboration with DIS Magazine, the premiere screening of Miss DeSe Iron Chef. Written by DeSe Escobar with Ada O’Higgins, Solomon Chase, Preston Chaunsmlit, and direction of photography by Chris Vongsawat.

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5:30pm 5:30pm

Buoy Residency & Retreat Fundraiser

April 2, 2016 - 7pm

The purpose of this event is to raise funds for the 2016 Buoy R&R, a week-long celebratory gathering of women artists who together build an interactive site specific performance piece in rural Connecticut.

Performing artists are invited to apply in duos to create original work on the land culminating in an interactive public performance.  This year’s theme and site-specific piece is entitled RECHARGE/HER; confronting control, realizing our extremes, and exposing the self.

This year’s R&R will be held from July 5th through 11th culminating in a pubic performance on the afternoon of Sunday July 10th.  Applications will be available at the fundraiser and online beginning April 2nd.  If you are interested in applying or have any questions feel free to visit

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Aspiring Actress

March 7, 2016 - 7pm

MX presents the premiere screening of Aspiring Actress, a new film by Ruby McCollister. The experimental six-act film mirrors a stage play and was conceived as part of her thesis while studying at Bennington College. It was born out of her desperation and confusion over being an actress and investigates her relationship with acting.

She questions her own motivations throughout as she asks, "Who is directing me? Is it fame, a god, or myself?" The answers come from the morphing personality of the character "Aspiring Actress". McCollister speaks through her in order to investigate the meaning of performance, acting versus being an "actress", and whether this identity is inherited or adopted.

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1:30pm 1:30pm

Really Wet

February 11, 2016 - 7pm

MX presents Really Wet, a new performance by Alexandra Marzella. Featuring India Salvor Menuez, Rowan Oliver, Monica Hernandez, Lee Armoogam, Young Gun Lee and Lil Government. 

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JANUARY 14, 2016 - 7pm

MX presents Powered2, a group showcase featuring work by Daniela Czenstochowski, Ben Copperwheat, Sasha Dragana, Violet Elixir, Mitsu Ishikawa, Benjamin Langford, Albert Nevatta, Matthew de Leon, Matt Sparks, Jeannie Weisglass, Peter Zohore, and Young Gun Lee. Organized by Issa Israel, Powered2 takes the viewer on a distorted and vibrant journey through a parallel reflection of our times, encompassing performance, visual installations and sound. 

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6:00pm 6:00pm

Face Down

January 3, 2016 - 6pm

MX is pleased to present Face Down, a live performance by Butch Merigoni, Lola Guerrero and Gili Nir. Created by Lola Guerrero and Gili Nir. Featuring food by Young Gun Lee.

Enter a physically expressive world for a voyeuristic look at disconnect, paralysis & courage. The characters maintain sensual contact with their surroundings in absurd pursuit of something that is not there. Their need makes them repeatedly reach out. They are innocent yet ruthless in their attempts—in spite of their failures. 

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Pump Screen

October 13, 2015 - 7pm

MX presents Pump Screen, a solo performance by Whitney Vangrin. Equal parts physical and psychological, her performances question perceptions of authenticity, while making allusions to film, religion, dance, and structures of the body. 

Vangrin’s performance often combines rigorous physical action amongst sculptural tableaux. In performance, the reality of the performer’s body and emotion is situated in a scene that hinges upon realism and construction. Pre-recorded sound meant to create rhythm and plot is combined with spontaneous movement and noise. Aesthetic choices evoke the image of a solo and pained figure, echoing that which has been depicted within the visual landscapes of ritual, film and popular culture. Her performances create an image while exploring complexities of emotion revealed in the physicality of the face and body.

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5:00pm 5:00pm

Mapping The Grid

July 12, 2015 - 5PM

MX presents Mapping The Grid, a talk by Shana Kimball and Mauricio Giraldo of NYPL Labs, who will speak about the NYC Space/Time Directory, a civic initiative aimed at turning historical maps and other geographic sources into a digital time-travel service for New York City. The NYC Space/Time Directory makes urban history accessible through the kinds of interactive, location-aware tools used to navigate modern cityscapes. It provides a way for scholars, students, and enthusiasts to explore New York City across time periods, and to add their own knowledge and expertise.

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3:00pm 3:00pm

NYC Infrastructure Talk & Walk

JULY 12, 2015 - 3pm

Join us for an afternoon of discovering, traversing and mapping literal, invisible, infrastural, spatial grids. Ingrid Burrington will be discussing her work and the historical and contemporary infrastructure of New York City. Afterwards, we will explore lower Manhattan in search of often overlooked indicators of utility infrastructure. Ingrid Burrington is an artist and writer who writes, makes maps, and tells jokes about politics, places, and all the weird feelings people have about them.

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7:00pm 7:00pm


JULY 10, 2015 - 7pm

MX presents a screening of Frame, a new film by Chelsea Knight. In this video, a group of male and female construction workers assemble a steel structure while speaking from feminist theoretical texts and poems. The piece is shown inside a built construction environment mirroring the one in the video, and is accompanied by architectural photographs. 

Frame seeks to problematize the stereotypes of a traditionally male form of labor and other socially defined gender roles through the performance of feminist readings about women’s labor and the body. It also seeks to explore the ways we perform our class and gender, and how the relationships between men and women are written.

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